Natural ventilation



Flat roof skylights

Buildings with flat roofs signals modernity and functionalism, and it has made the houses with the square profile extra popular among builders and architects. VITRAL Denmark has developed a series of solutions that provide houses and other buildings with flat roofs more daylight and a healthier indoor environment.

Vitral flat roof lights is designed for buildings with flat roof. The modern and timeless Vitral flat roof lights modules are specially designed to create natural light in modern housing with a flat roof. The modular system can be seamlessly integrated into existing roof or integrated into the planning of the new roof. You decide.

Vitral flat roof skylights gives way more light

Replace the dark ceilings with magic from blue sky and daylight. Sounds amazing, right? The effect of Vitral flat roof lights is enchanting and can be one of the most advantageous features of your home. And if that’s not enough the Vitral flat roof lights are based on Vitral’ proven modular concept. All components are prefabricated to ensure consistent quality, fast and easy installation and a perfect fit every time. The Vitral flat roof lights system is tested for extreme weather and climate conditions.

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